Alice in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is one of those fantastic stories that perpetually intrigues both young and old alike. This peculiar tale about a little girl who finds herself in a fantasy world populated with all kinds of strange and wonderful creatures was first published in 1865 and it’s popularity never seems to diminish.

There have been countless artworks inspired by this story. Everything from gorgeous paintings to fanciful statues to dreamy tattoos – the amount of artwork inspired by little Alice is a testament to the enduring interest in her story.

We have a few versions of this whimsical tale. We can’t seem to pick just one. The most impressive from a visual perspective is certainly this incredible pop up book by paper engineer (and straight up genius, in our opinion), Robert Sabuda. With two dozen exquisitely detailed pop ups, we’ve yet to see anyone open this book without squealing with delight. It’s really something you have to see to believe. Side panels contain an abridged version of the story and several magical little pop ups are dispersed throughout. Come check out our demo to remember what it’s like to be truly enchanted.

Another great edition we carry was compiled by Cooper Edens. Unlike most versions, which have illustrations by a single artist, this version showcases art from numerous artists from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Cooper Edens owns one of the largest vintage children’s book collections in the world and carefully curated this edition. It’s a wonderful edition for the Alice lover and, since the depictions of Alice change depending on the artist, a lovely way to talk about artistic interpretation with children.

We also carry the Penguin Classic’s clothbound edition. The cloth cover lends a wonderful vintage-y texture, and if you dirtied it up a bit it would seem as though it were handed down to you from your great grandmother. The beloved illustrations, by John Tenniel, are from the first edition of the book.

Pop down to see Alice in her many incarnations and fall down the rabbit hole of fantasy!X

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