September 08, 2013

beautiful wooden rainbows

We. Love. This. Toy! Made in Germany, this wooden rainbow can be a puzzle, stacker or used in an infinite number of imaginative play possibilities. We carry it in three different sizes, and we love them all.

We’ve had so much good feedback from parents on this. You may be thinking – sure, it’s pretty. But what the heck do you do with it? Is it just for looking nice on a shelf?

No way!

Many folks who were initially skeptical have come back full of praise and quite surprised at all the things their child does with it. Truly, no two kids play with it exactly the same way. It’s an open ended toy that comes to life with a kid’s boundless imagination.

Here a few ways you can play with these gorgeous wooden rainbows.

Each arch can be separated and stacked however you want. Flip them on their sides to make a ring for ponies to prance in or to corral a family of pigs. Drive your cars over or under them to create bridges and tunnels. Use them as landscape pieces – boulders, ridges or mountains. We’ve seen kids use them as a series of homes for small figures or a neighbourhood of dens for burrowing animals. Small dolls can take a nap in an arch turned bed. Practice your balancing skills by stacking the arches up and then gleefully knock the whole pile down. Honestly, there just so many things kids can do with this imaginative toy.

Great for developing an understanding and appreciation for colour, balance and spacial awareness to boot!

Plus, it is gorgeous and does look completely lovely sitting on the shelf waiting to be played with again. The solid wood pieces are a tactile delight. Well made wood toys have a certain satisfaction to them unmatched by anything else.

Beautiful European craftsmanship, sustainable wood and stunning water based colours make this a toy to treasure and pass down for generations.

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