May 14, 2013

toys as decor? yeah!

There are so many toys that are so beautifully designed these days, it seems a shame to constantly be tucking them away in storage bins and toy chests. We say – leave them out! Here are a few ways people incorporate toys right into their decor.

We love this room! Having a shelf unit where a child’s favourite toys can live when not in use is great for a few reasons. One, a kid can actually put away their own toys wherever they want on the shelf and know they’re within easy reach when they want to play with them all over again. Two, today’s toys are so gorgeous you won’t mind seeing them on display. Three, what’s within sight and easy reach of a child is what they’ll notice. Put out toys you’re happy to see them play with, and you’ll see them play. It’s a great way to encourage the kind of play you’d like to see. We also love the buckets hanging on hooks on the wall (right image) to tuck away little toys like Playmobil figures and such when not in use. Images via Ohdeedoh

Out in full view also works beautifully for books. Installing a few shallow shelves is a great way to have books facing out. Switch around the books within your little one’s reach so a wide variety of books make their way into those little hands. Bookshelf image via House of Turquoise.

Lots of shelves are great in a nursery for storing all those delightful toys you couldn’t wait to buy until your kid was actually old enough to play with them. Enjoy the toys on the shelves until junior is ready to take them over and, alas, you’ll have to fight them for your fair share of play time. The shelving will still be handy as the kids get older to squirrel all the toys away when not in use, or when guests are coming over and you’d like to pretend the room always looks like this. Image via Architects For Life.

Woo hoo! We really love this idea. Kelle Hampton, who writes the lovely blog Enjoying the Small Things, attached toys to the walls with Velcro to add a whimsical and unique touch to her daughter’s room. Check out the whole make over here – it’s a pretty awesome bedroom.

You don’t need to convince us that books are art, so we love this little idea of creating a small vignette on a shelf with a treasured book. Pick a favourite and add a few items along the theme and you’re done! Images viaApartment Therapy.

We love little animal figures, and know a lot of kids who do too. Creating cute little groupings on a desk or shelf that can change is a great way to switch up decor and keep it fun. Note: we know more than one adult who does something similar on their window sill or desk at work. The jar menagerie is a great idea too – especially for those kids who may have outgrown playing with their figures but still love them and like to see them out and about. Images via Apartment Therapy.

Another popular use for little figures is making your own terrarium. We love that people are so excited about them these days. What a fun little hobby! Check out Simply Sweet Stitches for more photos and a full tutorial.

And check out this hilarious use of Playmobil figures! Love it. Who knew those little legs would make a great hook? How can you not smile every time you put your sweaters and jackets away? Check out Kitschy Koo for a full tutorial.

There are so many fun ways to have toys out and about to remind us all to play every day. If you didn’t see our post on flash cards and wall cards, have a peek here for more ideas on playful decor.

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