keepsake growth charts

These adorable growth charts are definitely a step up from the old pencil mark on the wall we grew up with. We have fond memories of the marked up wall charting our growing height at milestones and birthdays, but these days most people move at some point and hate the idea of all those memories getting painted over by the next tenant.

A great way to keep those memories is by using a growth chart that can be taken down and moved with the family. These ones all fold up neatly and come in a cute little storage box.

Super sweet styling make these very appealing to kids and adults alike. Each one also comes with several stickers to decorate and to mark birthday milestones.

We have these three on display at Dilly Dally, and it’s amazing how much kids love to get measured at the store. Check them out in person and see for yourself how delightful these growth charts are!

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