April 17, 2012

why puppets are awesome

Hand puppets are a great way to explore imaginative play, and offer a fantastic combination of a story telling toy and cuddly stuffed animal. We see countless cute things in a day at Dilly Dally, but watching a kid’s eyes light up when they see a puppet come to life in someone’s hands is one of our favourite ways to swoon.

We brought these puppets in last fall, and they’ve been such a hit with everyone, from tiny babies to grandparents. The shark in particular has been popular; younger kiddos love to chase older friends around the store with it! Watch out!

Parents love these puppets because it makes story telling so easy – the puppets are so expressive and full of personality, anyone can effortlessly make them come to life.

These friendly, engaging toys help inspire a love of the natural world in children. Each of these hand puppets comes with a story about that creature, or information about the animal. Great for providing a jumping-off place for storytelling.

We also have lots of the cutest finger puppets! Finger puppets are especially useful for their portability. They offer a great self-contained activity for kids to engage with, and are great to pull out at restaurants or during long car rides.

Puppets can be used on their own, but why not try combining them with a theater for extra fun? Here’s a greattutorial for an easy-to-make cardboard puppet theater.

This guy is one of our personal favourites. A top moment at the store was watching a couple, expecting their first child, deliberate over which puppet to buy for their future little junior. This was the winner! We can just imagine the hilarity in store for this soon to expand family.

Pop down to the store and try your hand at some puppets!

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