December 20, 2012

make your own Christmas crackers

Holiday crackers are a classic holiday-time treat! Here’s an easy way to make your own personalized holiday crackers, perfect for keeping everyone entertained, no matter their age.
You’ll need:

•A square 9 1/2” x 9 1/2” piece of wrapping paper
•16” lengths of ribbon (at least two per cracker)
•2 toilet paper rolls or a leftover wrapping paper roll, cut into two identical pieces.
•Stickers and ribbon and paper to decorate the crackers.
•Little toys, stickers, paper hats, or jokes to put inside the crackers.

To start, take the two cardboard rolls. Cut one on half. The larger roll will hold your treats securely inside the cracker; the two smaller pieces will be used as spacers to hold the cracker in shape while you are making it.

Place the pieces of cardboard on the paper, aligning them with one edge of your square. Tape (or if you wish, glue) the edge of the paper to the large middle roll. Slowly roll the paper around the cardboard, and secure the paper once it’s all rolled up (you can use tape or glue).

Tie ribbon around one side of the cracker, as close to the edge of the tube as possible. Now, fill it up! We used bouncy balls, Japanese erasers, marbles, stickers, little cars, and Schleich animal figurines. You can also include home-made paper hats, or some holiday jokes (All For The Boys has some sweet little holiday jokes that you can print out!

Once the cracker is all filled up, tie the other side tight, and remove the two smaller spacing tubes. If you want, you can hunt down cracker “snaps” at craft stores, to make that signature cracking noise when you pull them apart. Now just wait for the perfect moment to break these out!

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