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Flashcards are a classic educational toy, but they’ve long since shed their boring veneer and now come in all kinds of gorgeousness.  Basic alphabet flashcards are great for children just learning to recognize their ABC’s, while language flashcards are handy for folks of all ages learning to master another tongue. Plus, there’s no easier way to transform a room and add a bunch of delightful art than hanging a set of flashcards as decor. Here are a few different ways that flashcards can be used.

Create an alphabet banner for your favorite room! Hang a string across a wall, and attach the flashcards to the string with clothespins. We also carry alphabet wall cards, which are similar to flashcards but larger for a bigger impact on the wall. Above images by Ohdeehoh, below wall card image by Custom Nursery Art.

Or make a fun flashcard collage on your wall! You could mix in other bits and pieces too – fingerpainted masterpieces or favourite photos. Image below via Southern Exposure.

Make a space for learning new letters in your home- choose one flashcard and a few objects that start with the corresponding letter next to each other on a shelf or table. Rotate the letter and objects every few days or once a week.


Alphabet flashcards are great fuel for a rousing game of Eye Spy! Shuffle the flashcards, and play eye spy with the first card that is flipped over. If you can’t find a noun that starts with the chosen letter, switch to adjetives- spot something zany or queenly in the room!
For older kiddos, flashcards make a great first spelling toy. Simply spread out the cards in front of you and see how many words can be picked out from the letters in front of you.

If you are learning another language, flashcards can help you to memorize new words and phrases quickly. They can be useful just by looking through them and trying to memorize the phrases and words. You can also split up the deck- put the cards about food on display in the kitchen, and place flashcards about clothes on top of your dresser! Just flip through them when you have a free moment, or display them like the alphabet banners on a wall. We’ve got French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese flashcards.

Come have a peek at our full flashcard and wall card selection. But be warned – there are so many cute options, it’s hard to choose.


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