set sail for adventure

These wooden boats are the best! They are made in Germany by a family-run business that has been producing model ships for over a hundred years. A hundred years! Made out of German wood and finished with non-toxic paints, these boats are ready to take sail on open water. They float like a dream and dry quickly.

The small sailboats are equally great for a day in the park or for bathtub adventures. Tie a string around the sail to pull them through the waves for perfectly Christopher Robin escapade! Or, set a large bucket or tub outside and let the kids splash around.

Several of the larger ships are prepared for expeditions both big and small – a motor can be attached to the bottom of the boats, propelling them through the water with just the power of a AA battery. Watch them go!

We also have canoes, row boats, tugboats and barges which are the perfect size for small dolls, Budkins, or Playmobil people. Let’s set sail for new adventures!

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