a day at the seashore book

Visiting the beach is one of the best things about summer in Vancouver. If you’ve been waiting and waiting for the weather to get warm enough to go swimming, then you will appreciate the excitement felt by the characters in “A Day at the Seashore”, a Golden Book first published in 1951. Written by Kathryn and Byron Jackson and illustrated by Corinne Malvern, the book details a day at the shore through the eyes of Nancy and Tim, two children visiting the sea with their parents.

The vintage illustrations are bright and appealingly wind-swept. While the children’s bathing suits are adorably retro, the activities described (catching a crab, swimming in the ocean, building a sandcastle, having a picnic) are the exact same things that make any modern family’s day on the beach memorable.

Can’t you almost feel the sand under your toes? This book makes a perfect read for the lazy days of summer.

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