Yucky Worms book

Squiggly, wriggly worms are the focus of this great book that introduces young ones to the importance of our underground squirmy friends. This is an informative but fun look at how worms contribute to a healthy garden. Written by Vivian French and illustrated by Jessica Ahlberg, “Yucky Worms” is the perfect book for this time of year.

In the story, Grandma is an avid gardener and lovingly guides her grandson to wonder and marvel at all worms do for us. She teaches him all about the wonderful world of worms – from how their poop fertilizes our soil to how their worm tunnels help loosen up the soil for eager plant roots to move through. She also demonstrates all kinds of fun little experiments to observe worm behaviour – such as watering the soil to mimic rain and watching the worms come to the surface. The boy’s opinion of worms goes through quite a transformation. At first, he just thinks worms are yucky. But after Grandma’s sweet lessons, he realizes that worms are really everybody’s friend.

There are little side panels which explain worm life in more detail – like how a worm moves its body through the soil. The end of the book has a little guide, “How To Be a Wormologist”, which outlines ways to learn more about these little wrigglers. There are several ideas in this section, such as what to look for when seeking out worms and how to handle worms properly to learn about them without hurting them.

 “Yucky Worms” is a great introduction to the world of worms and just how important they are to us. It’s a wonderful way to start or fuel an interest in soil health and nature as well as encourage a healthy respect for all living creatures.

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