paper doll delight

We are quite smitten with artist Emily Winfield Martin, AKA The Black Apple. She’s quirky, vintage-y and lot’s of fun. Plus, anyone with a  handle like The Black Apple  is top notch in our books.

We are nothing short of delighted with her lovely book, “The Black Apple’s Paper Doll Primer: Activities and Amusements for the Curious Paper Artist”.  It’s a whimsical collection of paper dolls, clothing and backdrops – everything you need to satisfy or discover a complete infatuation with one of the world’s great creative toys, paper dolls.

The paper dolls appeal to older kids with a quirky sense of style and also, let’s be honest, fully grown women. We’re all for toys that remind us adults to play, too!

Here’s a cute little stop motion video using The Black Apple’s paper doll creations:

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