A Seed is Sleepy Book

With the start of spring coming closer and closer, one of the picture books we keep re-reading around here is “A Seed is Sleepy.” A sweet, lyrical story with beautiful watercolor illustrations, this book never fails to makes us hopeful about the sun coming back, even during the rainiest of Vancouver afternoons. Written by Dianna Hutts Aston and illustrated by Sylvia Long, it is a perfect medley of art and science.

Part storybook, part nature guide, “A Seed is Sleepy” introduces readers to seeds of all shapes, sizes and weights (did you know that the Coco de Mer palm tree has seeds that weigh up to 60 pounds? Wow!). This lovely and poetic narrative starts off by telling the reader that “A seed is sleepy. It lies there, tucked inside its flower, on its cone, or beneath the soil. Snug. Still.” The narrative is complimented by scientific trivia, charts detailing things like the growth rates of different plants, and botanical illustrations of a plethora of plants.

We for one are ready to go plant our own seeds, once the rain lets up! We are also excited to go on a butterfly-spotting hike once the creators of “A Seed is Sleepy” release their new book called “A Butterfly is Patient” next month.

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