marble championships

These mesmerizing little spheres are fun for playing strategy games, rolling around in your hands to make a pleasing clinking sound or just shooting across the floor for the cat to chase. There are several games to play with marbles and they’re beautiful and fun to collect.

Folks have been playing marble games for centuries. In West Sussex, England, arguably the heart of the marble world, games of marbles have been played since at least 1588. Since 1932, The World Marble Championships have been played at Tinsley Green. They are hosted by the local pub (of course!), the Greyhound and more than 20 nations compete. In 1939, 4000 spectators watched as the winning team was awarded a suckling pig while the runners up got a barrel of beer.


In the USA, the National Marbles Tournament has been held in Wildwood, New Jersey since 1922. Thousands of competitors converge to play marbles, get sunburns, hang out and ride the jumbo ferris wheel.


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