how to fold a secret note

Okay so kids now have iphones and can text each other in class if they’re really slick and discrete. But lets say your phone is out of juice. It is still super crucial to get that message across the room without the teacher catching you or some snoop checking it out as they pass it along. Time for the handy dandy folded secret note. This vital skill should be passed along to all kids! Here’s how to do it is in case you forgot.

Fold your secret note in half into a long rectangle. Then fold it over a second time so you have a long thin piece of paper. Then fold the ends into triangles by folding them diagonally. Your note should look like the image below.

Next fold each triangle over diagonally again, forming a thin parallelogram (remember that math term) on each end like below.

Now take each end and fold them straight over, one in front and one behind.

Finally fold the top and bottom triangles toward the inside. Fold the first one underneath the the main triangle opposite it, so it tucks inside the square like so.

Then turn it around and repeat

Ta da!!

Now it’s time to practice your throwing technique before that first in class launch.

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