crazy cute Calico Critters

play Oh. My. Goodness! We are, along with several of our pint sized customers, quite smitten with the absurdly adorable Calico Critters. With poseable arms and legs and the ability to hold accessories in their cute little paws, these little figurines are straight up awesome.

Delightfully fuzzy, Calico Critters tend to follow sweet themes of community and family. There are lots of sets perfect for encouraging and celebrating nurturing skills - whether it's putting baby Critters to bed or preparing a meal. There are several family sets that include a Mom, Dad, son and daughter and they are all super cute.

They're are so many fun sets to celebrate summertime, from the action packed trailer to the convertible coupe you can attach it to. Each come with a variety of accessories. There are so many well thought out details, from removable outfits to seat belts that keep travelling Critters safe. There's a whole host of imaginative play and fine motor skill development opportunities.

We had lots of fun playing with this camping set with a six year old friend of ours. So cute! Carry the lantern, tuck the little one into their sleeping bag and cozy up in the tent.

Check out the full selection here.

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