rosie revere, engineer!

Everyone at Dilly Dally was excited to see that “Rosie Revere, Engineer” has finally arrived! The book is the newest collaboration between Andrea Beaty and David Roberts, creators of store favorite “Iggy Peck, Architect.” This rollicking, hilarious book follows a young inventor named Rosie, who is too shy to share her fabulous creations with anyone else.

Enter her irrepressible Great-Great-Aunt Rose, who teaches Rosie the value of failure- and of trying again. Featuring the same charming rhymes and quirky illustrations that made “Iggy Peck” a hit, “Rosie Revere” has already won us over.

guides to the great outdoors

With lazy afternoons at the beach or the park comes exciting creatures of all kinds. We have some great guides to help introduce young ones to the world around them.

If you are curious to learn more about the creepy-crawlies in your neighborhood, check out these handy bug guides. “First Facts: Bugs” is a sturdy book which introduces young children to different kinds of buggies and how they work.

For older kiddos interested in a more thorough guide, check out “Pocket Genius: Bugs”! This book features profiles of over 225 insects and bugs, including detailed photos and information on where to find them.

The Big Book of Big Bugs is stuffed full of incredible bugs and insects. It has 4 giant fold-out pages, perfect for young entomologists to study.

If you are heading to the ocean, “Everything you need to know about Sharks” covers, yup, sharks, but also other awesome creatures of the deep such as the angler fish, puffer fish, and more. It’s a great way to inspire excitement about the deep mysteries of the ocean.

Or check out “The Big Book of Sea Creatures” (a companion to the Big Bugs book). It’s detailed illustrations are sure in appeal to children interested in learning more about the creatures of the ocean.

Happy exploring!

book love: Cedella Marley

Inspired by classic songs by her father Bob Marley, Cedella Marley has captured their sweetness and optimism in her new picture books “One Love” and “Every Little Thing.”
“Every Little Thing,” based on the song “Three Little Birds,” focuses on the comfort of family and friends as a young child goes about his day. Even through misunderstandings and bad luck, the boy remembers that everything is going to be alright, and ends the day with his parents, safe and sound.
“One Love” celebrates the warmth of community, as a richly multicultural neighborhood works together to transform an old parking lot into a vibrant city park. The lyrics of the song are woven through the story, giving the book a sweet rhythm.
The bright, bouncy illustrations by Vanessa Brantley-Newman makes both stories extra appealing to kiddos looking for a cozy bed-time story, and the familiar words make these books a treat to read aloud!

Jon Klassen is the best!

We are always on the lookout for new authors and illustrators to add to our book collection! One author who we were thrilled to discover is Jon Klassen. He recently won the Caldecott Award, one of the highest awards given for children’s literature. Klassen’s first book that he both wrote and illustrated, “I Want my Hat Back,” is a darkly humorous tale of a bear on the hunt for his lost red hat. There’s a twist, of course, but it’s one which is best discovered while reading.


“This is Not My Hat” is Klassen’s latest, and the book which he won the Caldecot for. A companion, or possibly a re-telling, of “I Want my Hat Back,” “This is Not My Hat tells the other side of the story, narrated by a tiny fish who has just stolen a cap from a much larger fish, who may or may not be out to get it back.


Klassen has also illustrated several delightful, whimsical books by other authors. “Cat’s Night Out” is a cheerful tale of what your house cat might be getting up to, when you let them out at night. Watch cats tango, tap, and sashy across the alley-ways all night long!
“Extra Yarn” is a cozy book about a young girl who finds an extra-special ball of yarn which lets her create as many fantastic sweaters and scarfs as she wants until an evil prince takes notice of her skills. It’s a charming, smart modern fairy tale that makes a super cozy bedtime story.

Let us know if you have any authors / illustrators you just can’t get enough of. We love finding new favourite books!

holiday book round up


We love holiday books! They’re such a fun way to get excited about the season. Our bookshelves are full of holiday delights – here’s a round up of our selection.


1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas. A classic! Who doesn’t love Seuss’ tale of the despicable Grinch whose heart is two sizes too small?

2. Richard Scarry’s Best Christmas Book Ever! We love this  one. Richard Scarry captures holiday cheer in a series of delightful and brightly illustrated stories featuring his most popular characters, including Huckle Cat and lovable Lowly Worm.

3. The Wild Christmas Reindeer. Little Teeka thought she had to be firm with the reindeer to get them ready for Santa’s important flight, but when her bossy yelling only got their antlers tangled up, she knew she had to try something different. This book is BEAUTIFUL with Jan Brett’s lovely and incredibly detailed illustrations.

4. My Little Stocking. Open this sweet board books to find darling die-cut pages, adorable artwork, and a fun finger puppet to delight the littlest ones this Christmas.

5. The Night Before Christmas. This reproduction of the 1949 Little Golden Book is a wonderfully nostalgic look at the famous holiday poem.

6. Olive, the Other Reindeer. Instead of the lyric, “All of the other reindeer,’‘ Olive the dog hears something else on the radio: “Olive, the other reindeer.’‘ She concludes that she is to be Santa’s canine helper, so heads up to the North Pole, to join the Christmas Eve flight. Giggles ensue!


7. Merry Christmas Ollie! With ample wry humor, beautiful ink-and-watercolor pictures, and irresistible charm, Olivier Dunrea shares the first holiday story of Gossie and friends. Ollie perfectly encompasses the adorable impatience of young children waiting for Christmas to finally come.

8. Merry Christmas Mom and Dad. Little Critter approaches Christmas with the intention of being a good helper. He means well, but every funny illustration shows him as tangled up as the Christmas lights.

9. Christmas Tree. Perfect for wee ones, this warmly illustrated board book demonstrates the connection between what children might see in nature and ornaments that decorate a Christmas tree such as birds, snowflakes, and stars. Super cute!

10. My First Christmas. Sturdy pages and sweetly simple illustrations make this holiday board book perfect for the very young merry makers out there.

11. Santa Claus. Have you ever wondered how Santa’s sleigh really works? Or what reindeer eat? Or just how big the North Pole’s mailroom must be? Well, this Christmas all of your questions will be answered with this ultimate behind the scenes tour of the history, the mystery, and the magic of Jolly Saint Nick. Incredibly detailed pictures bring Santa’s world to life!

12. Eight Winter Nights. A family’s preparations for and celebration of Hanukkah are warmly described and celebrated in this lovely book. Pencil and pastel cartoon-style illustrations depict a smiling extended family talking, eating, and playing together amid warm glowing colors and the symbols of the holiday.

13. Happy Hanukkah, Corduroy. From the lighting the menorah to playing dreidel, this board book introduces very little ones to all of the Hanukkah traditions with Corduroy, the loveable bear.

14. Moishe’s Miracle. Kind-hearted Moishe is given a magical frying pan that will produce all the latkes you could wish for – latkes by the dozen, latkes by the hundreds – but only Moishe must use it. Alas, his short-tempered wife, Baila, does not heed the warning. Kindness is rewarded and selfishness is punished in this original Hanukkah story that has the sound and feel of a traditional folktale.

Pop on down to the store to check all the lovely holiday books out in person! There are also lots of wintery, snowy books in stock as well. Happy reading!


Halloween books for little goblins


Kiddos in your house getting excited for Halloween? Stoke their excitement with our selection of Halloween books!

For your little one’s first Halloween, try Boo Bunny! and Halloween Mice; they are both sweet & gently spooky stories that are a nice introduction to costumes, trick-or-treating, and making new friends.

Witches are perfect at this spooky time of year.  Meg & Mog and Meg on the Moon are two classic and quirky board books featuring the adventures of a witch, Meg, and her favorite cat Mog.

For older kids, Trick or Treat is a story about a loveable ghost throwing a Halloween party for all his ghoulish friends. But what happens when a few real kid trick-or-treaters stop by? And the always lovable and popular Ollie returns in Ollie’s Halloween. This tale follows a group of darling goslings out on the prowl on Halloween night.

Stop by the store to check these adorable books out in person and get your little trick or treater ready for the big day!

summer sticker books

Summer vacation often means travel. We’ve got a few delightful sticker books to help get kids excited about and entertained during trips this summer.

The Summer sticker book is packed with stickers to decorate scenes of picnics in the park, travel, playing on the beach, amusement parks and other common summer destinations or city summer scenes. Woo hoo summer!

For kids who love vehicles, this travel sticker book is perfect. Whether it’s by bicycle, train, bus, boat, car or plane, this sticker book has it covered! It’s a lot of fun, whether its to get a kid excited about and upcoming trip or to keep them entertained on a long car or plane ride.

Then there is the super fun Airport sticker book. This one’s perfect if you’re planning a trip by plane. It’s a great way to introduce kids to all they’ll see on their journey, which can help alleviate anxiety and make the trip more fun! Some of the scenes to decorate include waiting for bags, checking in, taking off, a view of the cockpit and much more.

We have quite a variety of these sticker books, from pirates and dinos to dolls and fairies. Visit the store to see the whole range.

Spring picture books

We’re very smitten with spring at Dilly Dally these days! To celebrate the season, here are some of our favourite spring books. They are perfect for cozying up with on those lazy spring days (or during surprise spring showers).

The brand-new picture book “And Then It’s Spring” follows a young boy as he plants a garden and patiently waits for spring to arrive in all its green glory.

The book is written by Julie Fogliano, and the illustrations are the work of Erin Stead, who’s previous book “A Sick Day for Amos McGee” won the 2011 Caldecott Honor. The quirky story and lovely artwork make is sure to be a hit at bedtime!

“A Tree is Nice” was first published in 1956, but it’s gentle message hasn’t lost any of it’s importance. At the end of the story, the reader is encouraged to plant their own tree- a perfect message for the spring.

The above two lovely photos are from a wonderful post on the blog No Big Dill. Check out her blog for more great photos and some great sewing tutorials.

For younger children, there are a few different gardening-themed board books to check out. “The Carrot Seed,” written by Ruth Krauss, is a great companion to “And Then It’s Spring.” It tells the story of a young boy waiting for the arrival of the carrots he planted. Despite the doubts of his family, he never wavers, and is rewarded in the end for his patience.

“Planting a Rainbow” by Lois Ehlert is another lovely board about nature and the surprises that come out of gardens. The narrator buys bulbs, plants them in the ground, and waits through the winter. The bright illustrations of the flowers that then arrive with spring are all labeled with the plants names, making it possible to connect the book to the nature outside your window.

We came across a great blog post on Playful Learning all about taking inspiration from this book to plant their own rainbow in their garden and document all the emerging colours. What a beautiful idea! Above image from Playful Learning.

Pop down to the store peruse our full selection of spring books.

happy Canada book day!

Canada Book Day is celebrated on April 23rd to promote books and reading. In celebration of Canada Book Day, here are some of the many, many benefits of reading with children!

1. Reading with children promotes early literacy, by expanding children’s vocabularies and word recognition.

2. Children’s books can be a great way to introduce new ideas and concepts into children’s lives. If there is a new sibling on the way, or you want to expose the car-obsessed kiddo in your life to other kinds of vehicles, books are a great way to go.

3. Picture books encourage critical and logical thinking and skills, because children need to make sense out of the pictures that are representing new ideas and stories.

4. Listening to a story helps little ones expand their attention spans which is so important when learning new things.

5. Children love to mimic the adults in their lives! Reading with kiddos is a key way to encourage life-long reading, by introducing reading early on as a fun activity.

6. Reading picture books is a lovely way to wind down in the evenings, by spending time sitting and focusing on stories.

7. The number-one benefit of reading with kids? How much fun it is! It is a great way to spend focused, one-on-one time with your favourite little ones. Cuddling and reading together has been a treasured family activity for generations.

“A house without books is like a room without windows” – Horace Mann (early proponent of universal public education). We agree! Books open the world up to us all.

Happy reading, everyone!

Easter book round up

With Easter & spring coming up quick, our front table is full to bursting with sweet, bunny-themed books.

For the littlest readers, we have a bunch of great board books, including a fun touch and feel book called “That’s Not My Bunny.” Then there is “In My Meadow”, which has an interactive finger puppet in the middle, making it extra engaging!

Two more stand out board books we have are by Richard Scarry. “Egg in The Hole” is a cute touch-and-feel book, following a hen all around the farm while she hunts for her egg. The other is a perennial favourite, “I am a Bunny”- the sweetest book about a bunny ever! It follows a young bunny names Nicholas as the seasons change around him, and features gorgeously coloured illustrations.

If you are interested in some classic rabbit books, check out “The Country Bunny & The Little Gold Shoes”. First published in 1939, this book follows a young rabbit mother as she trains to be an Easter Bunny. The detailed pastel illustrations are just so lovely to look at. There is also “The Velveteen Rabbit,” first published in 1922, is a classic story of the love children have for their favourite toys.

If you are looking for more darling bunny books, you can’t go wrong with a story by Margaret Wise Brown! “The Golden Egg Book”, “Home for a Bunny”, and “The Runaway Bunny” are all thoughtful, beautifully illustrated stories about friendship & love.

We especially love Leonard Weisgard’s intricate illustrations of decorated eggs that surround the pages of The Golden Egg Book.

Happy Easter reading!

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