the wonders of paper hats

Fun, easy to make and cute as a button – we really just love paper hats! One of the best ways to use old newspapers since fish and chips, paper hats take just a couple minutes to make and add so many possibilities to playtime.

Start with a rectangle of paper and fold it in half. Then…

Some of our favourite things to do with them are:

  • making little matching hats for a favourite stuffed animal or doll
  • using coloured paper – black makes a nice pirate hat and red a perfect prince
  • decorating a hat made of plain paper with pencil crayons or paints
  • stapling or gluing on a couple paper flowers, cut out graphics or even real flowers

Great for the young at heart too!



I remember making paper hats as a kid; it was great fun! I just wish I’d had these great instructions because I always left so long between efforts that I forgot how to do it.
(2 minutes later…)
Hey, I just made one and it’s cute enough that I could wear it out on the town tonight! Thanks Dilly Dally!

Thanks a lot for your nice message Aimee. I’m glad the hat turned out. Paper hats out on the town is an amazing idea!!!


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