handmade Latvian toys

Out of this little country in the Baltics of lovely rolling hills and fairly tale castles comes these great wooden toys. Sweetly simple in design and beautifully crafted, these little guys are some of our favourites at Dilly Dally and we’re proud to be the first to bring them to North America. Perfect little rattles and  heart achingly cute push and pull toys are some of their delightful offerings. This family business consists of a kind hearted couple, Guntars and Evija, their parents and a few local craftsmen in a small town in the Latvian countryside. They make expert use of local Baltic Ash Wood, Oak and Maple in production and are committed to creating safe, environmentally friendly toys. Their mission is to live and work as a friend of nature which they do by by using locally forested wood, natural stains and linseed oil for finishing.



almost complete…i love these toys. One day Hunter is going to have every single one.xoxox

love those little animals……Hunter’s set is almost complete. He roams around the house pushing them as he crawls. see you soon.xoxox


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