how to make you own snow globe

Bring the snow inside with these adorable home-made snow globes! Use recycled jars and small toys to make these festive decorations.

You’ll need:

•A few jars with well-fitting lids
•Little animal figurines
•Craft glitter (we used a combination of iridescent and silver)
•Strong water-proof epoxy
•A couple drops of clear corn syrup or glycerine

To start, glue the animal you want in your snow globe to the inside of the lids. Once the glue completely dries, fill the jar as full as possible with water, careful not to overflow, and add a healthy scoop of glitter. Add a couple drops of either corn syrup or glycerine to thicken the water and help the glitter swirl around better. Screw on the lid tightly, flip over, and enjoy a wintery snowstorm whenever you want!



we had a glittercraftparty! during the holidays + made snowglobes. my fiveyearold daughter + her friends picked their favourite animal [i use the little schleich animals for these projects]. it was a hit! her snowglobe still sits at the window + we are still finding glitter in the house :) a great project.

That’s so awesome Kristin. I’m glad you had fun making them. We did too!

So cool!! I am going to try them for a craft project at school!


Fun! Thanks Natalia.


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