advent calendars are here!

It’s advent calendar time! We have a few choices to help add excitement to the Christmas countdown. If you’re keen, please come on down soon. They are moving super fast!

First up, the ever popular Playmobil.

We are completely smitten with Playmobil in general – their delightfully detailed figures and sets bring back so many fond memories of our own childhood Playmobil sets. These advent calendars are perfect for those (many) Playmobil fans out there. Each day brings a new Playmobil piece to add to the fold out scene. By the time Christmas rolls around, there is a whole scene complete with figures and accessories to play with! We have several styles including the Christmas forest (pictured above) and the Christmas post office (pictured below, complete).

Next up is the wonderful Eric Carle. Whimsical and colourful, Carle’s art is just so perfect for kids. This advent calendar beautifully celebrates the season by unfolding to reveal an intricate pop-up Christmas tree surrounded by presents. Children open a window each day to discover a new decoration to add to the scene. By the time December 25th arrives, this calendar will have become a dreamy Christmas display!

We also have these adorably sweet advent calendars from Eeboo. Glittery details make the illustrations so festive and fun. Each little window hides a lovable illustration in characteristically Eeboo fashion. They have a real knack for capturing all that’s nostalgic and making it modern.

And finally, we have the Winter’s Night pop up calendar.  This one is perfect for all those sticker lovers out there!  Illustrated by the Caldecott award winning illustrator Beth Krommes, this beautiful calendar has a lovely pop up wintery tree. Open the windows day by day to discover a new sticker to decorate the scene with. Where will your little ones choose to put the decorations?

Advents are such a wonderful way to add anticipation to this special holiday season. It’s also a great way to teach a little lesson in patience as you wait to open each daily surprise. Happy counting!


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